Saturday, September 19, 2009

The dreaded knitting boredom has set in....

Oh no the KB's are creeping in with my two main projects I'm working on. Don't misunderstand I've never been a monogamous knitter, I've always been kind of fickle. Actually I'm always amazed that I finish projects. I start out with great enthusiasm at the beginning, it starts with the yarn most of the time or sometimes just a need for a piece that I feel I should have for my wardrobe, once in a while a gift or two or charity knitting.

In the summer time I like to knit little cotton camisole's like the "Easy Breezy" top I made last month. The fiber content is cotton/rayon mix so it's nice and cool and very functional. Other times I may decide that I need a new sweater to wear for some trip coming up or some event. It's always fun to have a new piece of clothing to wear.

So the project usually is dictated by need, function and what materials are available. After the stash I got at the Sock Summit amazingly I was able to find 4 skeins of Bugga. Beginner's luck I think, since then I keep looking at Sanguine Gryphon's site and I do not see anything but "SOLD OUT" red signs.

The progress has moved along very nicely until now when I was sidetracked by some new yarn. This Bugga yarn is very nice oh but look at that colorful Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn I also got and love. It's so colorful and I have 3 skeins, what to make? I know it's sock yarn but it would be a shame to make socks from this beautiful yarn. And besides the Bugga project has hit a design snag, I have to decide how long and what kind of edge to do. I think I have to let it rest a bit and start something new.

I love to knit caps and buy hats, somehow I never or very seldom wear hats or knitted caps I'm always attracted to them to buy or knit. Here is my latest design, and as you can see I'm still working out the details. When I finish I'll get somebody to take a picture of me wearing it, in these pictures it looks a bit small but in person it does fit very nicely.

That is if I could stop making iPhone pouches.... but I digress and will tell you about those in another post.


Dodgerfan said...

I share your doldrums! And I love the multidirectional top to your hat.

Ana Petrova said...

Me too it gives me a little height on the top, and it was fun to knit.