Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Urban Bandit

  1. One Chopped Yellow Onion
  2. One Chopped Jalapeno Pepper
  3. One tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper
Boil ingredients for 20 minutes in two quarts of water. Then let it cool and strain the mixture through cheesecloth. You can apply this with a pesticide sprayer or a spray bottle. This will deter just about any animal from an area where it is applied. The only draw back is that it only lasts for three to five days.

About 3 or 4 in the morning I've been getting a knock on my bedroom window. The first time it happened it scared the sh......t out of me and I jumped grabbed the flashlight. And to my horror/relief it was an animal not a human. The huge masked face was staring at me with it's little hand in a fist knocking on my window and I swear it was smiling.

I grabbed one of my longer knitting needles and tapped on the window while shining the light at it and sure enough it ran away. But then it got up on top of the roof and started dancing. It sounded like a two year old running barefoot. Now I'm awake and have the lights on it's too early to get up yet I can't sleep because this little bastard is running around in the yard banging on things and having a great party.

As soon as it was time I called my Local Animal Control asking for help, a friend told me that you guys can get me a trap and maybe we could trap this animal and you can take it and put it somewhere more conducive for wild animals than my back yard and roof. No we do not have traps anymore we will send you instructions, and they sent me the above recipe.

In the mean time the raccoon and I have bonded and wave at each other almost every night. This disturbs my sleep and I'm getting a lot of knitting done in the middle of the night. My dogs have lots of fleas, I walk around with dark circles and drinking a lot of coffee!

I just wonder how long this will last? As if I did not have enough other problems now I have this!

Any suggestions?

ps. Maybe it was not smiling after all.


Dodgerfan said...

Wait until you hear the sound they make sliding down your drainpipe...

Anonymous said...

I know this is a real problem..but boy did you make me laugh. Can't believe Animal control couldn't help you. What if it had rabies?
Good luck


Ana Petrova said...

Yeah they have a great sense of humor those City Animal Control guys.

Ana Petrova said...

As long as they don't come sliding down my chimney .....