Thursday, September 24, 2009

The missing sock syndrome

I've written about this before, about how one sock always disappears. I called it the one sock syndrome. I've gone as far as declaring that I am only knitting one sock and felt that they do not have to match. But that has not gone well, it feels weird to have two different types of socks. But I digress.

I posted about this a while back when I thought that the washing machine ate my sock, because I kept ending up with one sock and the matching sock simply disappeared nowhere to be found. Once I started knitting socks this problem seemed to be solved, the socks were so precious because of the amount of work and expense that went into them I was keeping a close eye on the laundering process. But as time went by I started to have a large collection of socks, it turned out that I love knitting socks so I have lots of them now and I have gotten a bit lazed about keeping an eye on these socks.

The problem persisted and I am still fighting the one disappearing sock syndrome. Then this morning I was out in the garden and one of my dogs the older one was digging to bury something. She usually buries cookies or chewies so I did not think anything of it. My son came out to join me for coffee outside in my bamboo garden and he says "Mom do you see what FeeFee is burying?" and to my shock and horror she has one of my socks and she is digging to bury it!

The dog is making my socks disappear not the washing machine! All this time I blamed the machine and it's the dog!
Who me? I did not do it! See how cute and innocent I look?
Why I knit socks when you can buy them for a couple of bucks?
And here are my top ten reasons why I knit socks:

  1. You can never have too many socks
  2. They are pretty
  3. They are functional
  4. Nothing feels better on your feet than a pair of new hand knit socks
  5. I can make any color any style
  6. It's a small project and I can take it with me anywhere
  7. Why take it with me because I hate to waste time. There is so few hours in the day.
  8. When waiting in line I can knit my socks (market, bank etc...)
  9. Keeps my feet comfy and warm when it's cold
  10. Because I love them
There are many other reasons most of which most of my non knitting friends do not understand but this is a knitting blog so I will keep writing about my sock obsession.

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Ellen Bloom said...

FeeFee can buy $2 socks at Wal-Mart to bury!