Monday, September 21, 2009

Too many Tweets!

Tweeting is a lot of fun especially keeping track of friends you would not talk to on such a regular basis yet it sort of keeps you in touch. But.... yes there is a but ..... I feel another pet peeve coming on ..... I follow several people some I know personally and some I just like and love to see what they have to say.

What comes to mind is a commercial that runs in this area about some teen agers telling their parents to stop tweeting so much. "I know you are on the patio and sitting on a chair" do I need to know every detail? But why are people doing this? I tweet but quite frankly I don't have that much to say. My life is rather on the boring side, I'm knitting, I'm cleaning, I'm doing the dishes, I'm working in the garden etc. I am sure actually I am positive nobody wants to know such details about my life nor do I want to know such details about other people either.

I guess this is an art when too much is too much. As they say in my neighborhood "Too Much Information!"

I've been following Lance Armstrong and it was kind of fun to follow him around the tour de France but enough is enough!

Stop it Lance! I may have to delete you! Five pages of this is really too many tweets!

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Ellen Bloom said...

I know what you mean, Ana, about too many Tweets! I usually tweet to reply to someone else's tweet. Or, I tweet that I just posted to my blog. I had to un-follow someone from my SnB just because those tweets were whiney, frequent and making me crazy!!!