Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Checking my pMail.

SHE gets to check her eMail all day long, as soon as SHE gets up in the morning etc. SHE is so cruel and will not let me check my pMail. That's right my pMail. The neighboring dogs all leave me messages I think I'm very popular. This whole neighborhood is full of pMail and I like to check who's doing what, the latest gossip etc. But do you think SHE would walk me properly? NOOOO.... SHE either shorts the walk or totally walks in a different direction. Then when I pull and refuse to go any further SHE says oh what's the matter honey?

Talking all sweet like butter would not melt in her mouth! I want to check my pMail.

For those of you who are slow on the "uptake" pMail is doggie eMail as in pee Mail.

Then the miniature bitch has nod idea what is going on (she) just follows me around. Don't even get me started talking about that little miniature bitch. (she) thinks that (she) is a full size dog, and will challenge me like (she) could do something! (she) doesn't even have her permanent teeth for crying out loud. Granted those little fangs (she) has are sharp as could be but so are my teeth and I'll just sit on her and crush her to death. Although I have scored more chewies since (she)'s been here. The silly fool starts chewing and gets the chewie all soft and I give a tiny little bark "look over there silly" and (she) looks every time Ha, Ha, then I scoop up the nice an soft chewie and finish it off. Pretty cool I think.

So for now I'll let her live.

But the BIG ONE I'm still waiting to figure out the best way to get back at her, SHE deserves it!

Happy New Year!

The Bitch

Hi, this is Lucy I am little and a bit young but I'm plotting to take over this household. I test all of them every chance I have. They will soon realize who is the pack leader around here! I am the QUEEN! I will be in charge any minute. Will let you know my progress.

Looking forward to a great New Year!
I love my mommy!

I hate my sweaters mommy knits for me, I already have a fur coat! Sweaters make me very hot and itchy! I hope mommy does not make any more sweaters and make me wear them. I like it when she plays with me instead of knitting.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! Those dogs have quite a life!

Tell Lucy that she just may have to suffer for fashion. Her little striped sweater looks divine on her!