Friday, January 09, 2009


I would like to eliminate all unscheduled events. This includes, all surprise "do you have time to go and get" requests all "can you do me a favor" requests etc. Especially unscheduled "can you make me breakfast" requests. I only do breakfast on the weekends and during the week it's "fend for yourself" but "we are such bad fenders" say them, but I do digress a subject for another day.

I have a schedule and I have had a terrible time trying to keep up. Oh I know there are a lot of UFO's waiting I'm not even talking about those. I'm talking about getting my smog certificate so I can register my car! Permits for parking so I can park my car, dog license so I can walk my dog etc.

What a pain to have to get a smog certificate, cost around $50 bucks plus the registration fee. Oh not to forget the parking permit fee $15 bucks a car for 6 mos. and of course the usual oil change breaks and whatever they have to check so I will pass the smog check. (Not my department my DH is in charge of the car running properly)

Then I have to get a dog license for the new puppy, I live in Los Angeles so I have to get a license for Los Angeles and if she is not spayed then it's an extra $50 bucks. I also want to get a dog license in Santa Monica (just 5 blocks from here) that is another $16 bucks so I can take her to the brand new beautiful doggy park at the Santa Monica Airport. I remember we L.A. residents had to fight for that privilege originally the City of Santa Monica was excluding everybody else.

The airport is on the South East corner of Santa Monica most of the residents across the street and surrounding area are all Los Angeles a Santa Monica residents would have to travel further to get to this park than an L.A. resident. So they gave in and let us non Santa Monicans come to their park if we double up on the licenses. Rules we got to have rules!

Now for my knitting for which I am trying to schedule time for but all these extra unscheduled events keep me from finishing my latest pet project.

I'm looking at these pictures I realize that UFO's (unfinished objects) just do not look good yet, this project still has a ways to go.

I got this wool sweater from The Boys and Girls Club of Venice Thrift Store. It was a man's wool sweater but had known better days also had a few moth holes so it was on the $1 rack. I liked the colors and it is all pure "virgin" wool so I thought I would felt it and maybe make something else out of it. As I was cutting it I realized that if I picked up stitches and knitted a gusset and a front band it could be a nice warm vest.

It took me almost 2 years to find the right yarn color to go with it. It's from Universal Yarn

The color way is 41353 "Yummy" 370 yds of wool and am using 3 hanks. I paid $19.95 per hank. Knitting with nice yarn is not cheap. So the $1 dollar sweater is becoming the $61 dollar vest. Plus the endless hours of knitting and chrocheting. I am having trouble with the front bands!

The right side went wonderful and it lays flat on a size 4 needle all garter stitch but when I tried to duplicate the same on the left side it would not lay right and as you can see from the picture it hangs much longer.

I am using the same needle size the same amount of stitches shish..... so I have frogged it twice .... I'm still not completely happy with the outcome so I'm trying something else like a crochet band. Where there's a will there's a way. I will MAKE it lay flat and even.


Boys and Girls Club of Venice is the charity I am supporting they are a great organization and really do a good job in my neighborhood helping children and their parents. They take donations of all kinds they are even an e-Waste collection site. Which means they accept Computers, Cell phones, Televisions and other electronic components.

By the way they will accept yarn so if you have extra yarn to get rid of and or any other good stuff they accept donations. Say hi to my friend Arthur the manager there.

Please Call 310-391-6301 to Donate
Drop Off or FREE Pick-Up

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I am interested in putting together a knitting group and would love it if you would be willing to help.

Let me know.