Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have a serious case of Finishitis.

I have many many projects started at various stages of progress but I can not seem to get anything finished. I hate when I get like this, I want something finished to get it out of the UFO pile! Some things are 90% done and yet I can not seem to get them finished. I have "finishitis".

I've been knitting and crocheting baby things, a good friend just had a baby and I want to send presents. So all has been put on hold, baby things it is. Yet I'm having trouble finishing them also. I see a new project and I want to start another ....... here is the progress on the booties and hat for baby. There is a blanket and a stuffed toy to go with them 80% done and I could probably finish it all in an hour so my goal for the weekend is to get them finished and in the mail by Monday!

Wish me luck.

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Ellen Bloom said...

THe little bonnet is darling! Great booties too. Aren't baby things fun to make?

Missed you at Fairview yesterday. Karen had some handspun yarn for you! Oh time!