Saturday, January 03, 2009

We had a wonderful time at the beach

Lucy is an official Penguin. An annual event that takes place here in Venice Beach:

The hardy swimmers who take part in the Penguin Swim Club's annual New Year's Day plunge into the Pacific Ocean hardly resemble their flightless aquatic waterfowl namesake. Nonetheless, the first man and woman to complete a 500-yard swim around a buoy and back will be crowned the penguin prince and princess. You could wear a wetsuit… but where would the fun be in that?

Unfortunately my battery in my camera was dead I have no pictures only words to describe the fun we had.

My DH and the two dogs and I took a drive up the coast and found this wonderful beach totally empty and a great place for the dogs to run around. Fee Fee is used to this she knows how to behave off leash and is a delight but this little bundle of energy Lucy has never been off leash at the beach. I was nervous, I had visions of this little bundle of red fur running full speed and out of sight getting lost forever. My husband urged me to try and see what happens. Sure I'll be the one running after her not him.

To my total surprise Lucy stayed right with us we were a "pack" her little eyes were alert and constantly checking to see where we were and stayed close by. It was wonderful to see her running full speed and free, jumping and happy. Then she discovered the water, at first she just ran up to the very edge and stuck her nose in it then a full DIVE! She dived right in totally under water as if she was a professional swimmer.

I screamed OMG what if there is the undertoe she is only 7 pounds and then she came bouncing to the surface and swam right out. She shook off the water and then rolled around in the sand to dry her fur and she was good to go. The rest of the time she had respect for the water it was cold and it must have been a shock. Wow I have a little swimmer, we'll have to plan some other water type activity for her to try. She was very cute. Otherwise she behaved really well when I called her name she came right to me and allowed me to put her leash on. I tested her several times and each time she listened and came right to me. For a 5 month old I think that is pretty good.

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