Thursday, January 15, 2009

a Heat Wave?

A couple of weeks ago I was freezing my buns off, we even had ice on the lawn that made it look like it snowed. It was just the early morning moisture from the ocean frozen on the lawn but it sure looked like snow!

But this is not a summer hot it's a winter hot. Yes I know 86° degrees should be the same but somehow it is not. Winter 86° and Summer 86° is a totally different dress requirement. The Winter 86° is only for 5 minutes at noon. It's 9 am and as you can see it shows 59° and I have a sweater on but on television and all the weather reports it tells me that we are having a "heat wave".

I feel guilty about complaining about these mild temperatures when some of the country is "freezing" but I'm here and I've got a cold because of all these temperature changes. I dress in layers but somehow I don't pick out the right thing to wear. I'm either sweating or shivering.


Ellen Bloom said...

Lucy's sweater is divine.

Looks like both dogs are having a grand time!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Looks like the Dogs are enjoying the weather. Here in PA. it's about 10*. Wish I was in CA.