Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm progressing nicely with this new shawl, I need to give it a name ....... I know I will call this one "Mango Tango"

Now I have to decide weather to short row the ruffle part or just pick up stitches all the way around and increase every other stitch etc. Either way it's going to be a lot of knitting. I thought about knitting the ruffle on the machine but I'm not sure. I guess as much as I hate to I'll have to test and swatch.

If I do the pick up stitches and increase ruffle it will look something like this:


I don't have to test this method it's fairly easy, just pick up my stitches all the way around with my 60" circular needles and start knitting. *k1, kfb, k1; rep from * across all the picked up stitches. This would be an easier knit.

If I short row the ruffle I would knit it and then sewed it on to the shawl. What to do?

Short rowing will look more like the picture from Vogue:

What do you think?


Yarnartist said...

My vote is for the short row ruffle. Much less frou-frou and more high style!

Anonymous said...

Bleah. Knitting a ruffle takes forever! I say crochet it!!! Use a very large hook (H or J), so the yarn remains drapey. Single crochet your first row around the edge. On the second row, double crochet 3 stitches into the first stitch, dc 1 st. into the next st. Continue around, alternating with 3 dcs in a stitch and 1 dc in a stitch. This should make a nice short ruffle. If you want a longer ruffle, then just do another row, the same as the last!!!

AR said...

I'd do the one that has no sewing, but that's just me. I just don't like sewing!

فرانسيس said...

I vote short row. I agree with Yarnartist, less frou-frou.