Saturday, January 06, 2007

Web Withdrawl!

Last Thursday night I woke up to the house shaking the windows rattling the dogs barking, and howling noise of the gale force winds going on outside! There were things flying around in the yard my huge bamboo plants almost bent over to the ground OMG what is going on? It was so windy outside that it scared me and the dogs and my husband. It was 2 am and I was kind of groggy looking out the window watching things fly around like the Wizard of Oz scene wondering if I was dreaming. It was no dream I can tell you that. I went back to bed figuring if we blow away so be it I was far too sleepy and tired to worry.

As you can guess with all this wind the electricity was knocked out! No lights no tv no eMail no life as I have gotten used to it, I'm going through Web Withdrawl! Ten hours of no electricity! I was not prepared! My cell phone was not charged, my camera batteries were low, my iPod needed to be charged! I couldn't wash my hair because my blow dryer was not working, I wonder if they sell battery operated blow dryers? (Well I guess that would not matter because I probably would not have it charged up when I needed it.)

Withdrawal refers to the characteristic signs and symptoms that appear when a drug that causes physical dependence is regularly used for a long time and then suddenly discontinued or decreased in dosage. The term can also, less formally, refer to symptoms that appear after discontinuing a drug or other substance (unable to cause true physical dependence) that one has developed a psychological dependence for.
Yup that is me I have developed a psychological dependence on my eMail, the news, The blogs, my Knitters Review discussions, my iPod, my computers ... the list is endless. Looking for patterns, shopping! My eBay auction how did it end? OMG what is one to do?

I was almost ready to pack up my laptop to my local Panera Restaurant (they have free wireless connection) because I was in the middle of negotiating a business deal. All via eMail my favorite way to sell a car, eMail back and forth agree on a price, wire me the money, I ship the car. Never even talking to the person, just eMail. It's a brilliant invention and I love it. For many years we have been selling cars all over the world. (Some of you may not know I'm a classic car dealer.)

The web is great and I use it everyday for business for my entertainment for reference how did we live without the internet? Yes I'm old enough to remember when we first got the fax machines we though it was the greatest, when we first got cell phones but before cell phones we had pagers wow! For that matter I grew up without television, we did have a radio and thought that was grand. Progress some great some not so great. Was life better when it was more simple? No I love the gadgets!

After 10 hours the electricity came back up last night just in time for me to cook dinner and life is back to normal. Well as normal as it can be ..... wind has stopped the yard is cleaned up (sort of) dogs are sleeping by my feet I'm posting on my blog the deal was made I won the auction and I can get back to my latest knitting project. Life is good...

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Hi Anna, i like the look of vog! Very classy! I mith make it.