Saturday, January 06, 2007

The dilemma continues....

Yesterday because I had all this spare time with no electricity in the house and I have my studio back visitors all gone home after the holidays. I knitted a sample ruffle on my knitting machine. Different yarn different color but sort of the same feel to it. Just a test to see how it would look. Casted on 20 stitches with a 3 stitch short row with 4 rows of knitting in between.

On the machine it took me about an hour, boy I love my knitting machines! For some things they are just great! This is what the short rowed ruffle would look like:

And this is what the "potato chip" pick up stitches and increase every other stitch would look like, hand knit no machine. This method would take much longer and a lot of stitches are involved.

Because I don't like to waste knitting I finished this short rowed scarf with a little crochet edge and now it kind of looks good as a scarf. I will wear it today to my LA/SFV machine knitters meeting. I'm not quite sure what the acronym stands for.

Which look do you prefer?

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Anonymous said...

Whew! Yes, the wind was awful! Thankfully, our electricity did not go out!
As for the ruffle on the shawl, I'd go with the machine-knit one. It's very luxurious looking and you can whip it up quickly...instant gratification!!!

I'm kind of liking the violet color with that pinky beige!