Monday, January 08, 2007

Dilemma over "Mango Tango"

Mango Tango is almost ready to Dance.....

I decided that the look I was after was the short row ruffle. Because I love hand knitting I thought ok I'll just short row and knit and knit and knit. All 112" of it.... What was I thinking?

22 stitches cast on short row 2 sts and about a half hour of knitting. At this rate it may take me forever to finish this project and I have so many others to do. But I have a Brother KH260 knitting machine in my studio! I can knock this out in about 2 hours and I did just that.

It only took 1,800 rows but it went fast! Machine knitting is kind of new for me and it is definitely limited for my liking. Some yarns are fine but other finer wools and mored delicate yarns I just don't have the heart to "yank" them through this rough machine. Also I so enjoy hand knitting, but putting the two together sometimes is just great. It is just one more tool in the Knitting Arsenal just like a good crohet hook or a needle that fits the project.

Now to attach it weather to crochet it on or to just sew it?

I had so much fun machine knitting this ruffle that I immediately cast on and knocked out a red scarf for the "Red Scarf Project" the actual machine knitting took but 15 minutes but the crochet edge took a bit longer. I love the color of the red.

ps. Yes my "dummy" has had a breast augmentation and she does wear a bra.


Anonymous said...

Ana! The ruffle turned out great! So glad to see my "scrap" yarn going to such great use!!!

What is that crocheted edge on the red scarf? Is it some sort of crab stitch/backwards single crochet?

Yarnartist said...

Wow, Ana! The ruffle looks perfect! I would use my knitting machine(s) more but they are buried under all my ufo's!
Next time, you might try hanging the shawl on the needles as you make the ruffle. No sewing!

AR said...

Your Mango-Tango is going to be beautiful! I love the ruffle!!

AR said...

I love the ruffle! It's going to look so great!!

Ana Petrova said...

I wore the shawl the other night and it was "delicious"! Warm and cozy and soft, I did not want to take it off.

I just love it when a project turns out well. Goodness I've had so many "dogs" it's nice to knit an "I love it".

Anonymous said...

You did good on the revers crosh csopike