Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hung up on Hangers...

You know the great wardrobe "Switch" from one season to the other. It is more difficult here in Southern California because technically speaking we do not really have "cold" weather. Well the truth is that my blood is "thinner" (that's probably an old wife's tale) I'm not used to cold weather any more so I need winter clothes for those chilly days. So each year I go through the obligatory "Switch".

It takes me all season to fine tune my outfits for the season and the next thing I know I need different clothes the weather has changed. You would think that I would be used to this by now but somehow I'm not. Actually I should say I just don't like to do this so I put it off.

Finally it's November and we have had cooler days and I am traveling to a cooler climate so I made the "switch". It was very cold on the East Coast but when I got home, it's hot again. Hot and we have what we call the "Santa Ana Winds".

Thank goodness I went shopping in North Carolina! They had all their summer things on sale....not just on sale but they were literally giving the stuff away. Notice the $.00 on the register slip......... I kid you not they were giving clothes away ..... just glad to get rid of it.... I loved them and next summer I'm set ......

I bought so much stuff that I had to buy an extra big suitcase to come home with. When my husband picked me up at the airport he could not believe the size of my luggage. Quite frankly I could not believe it either.

So my girlfriend calls me to tell me about her new "hangers" she got on the Home Shopping Network. How great they were and how they were worth the $100 dollars she spent getting them. $100 Dollars on Hangers? Are you out of your mind? I would never spend that kind of money on hangers! But she loves them.

She tells me that they are special, she has replaced all her hangers with these very special "Huggable Hangers" ..... oh my ... I ask did you buy those in the middle of the night when you saw the infomercial? Yes...

You can even hang wet tee Shirts on them she tells me, but I never hang wet tee shirts on a hanger I say .... well they are just very special.

You know I've been so tempted a couple of times to get out of bed and order something that looks so marvelous when they describe it on television especially in the middle of the night. I wake up can't go back to sleep and I turn on the television and there they are hawking something that sounds so great that I feel like I need that. Then they tell me that I must order right now ..... 3 easy payments etc....

My dear husband ordered some vitamins once and they did not tell him that this automatically signed him up for "refills" and we kept getting vitamins and I had a heck of a time getting them to stop. Many phone calls, and letters and finally I had to call the credit card company to get us released from this auto purchase....Since then we learned not to order anything from the television especially in the middle of the night.

With so many new clothes I needed more hangers and the hangers I opted to use: Black Friction® Hangers and I got them at Ross and I did spend about 30 bucks for the new hangers and I too feel like they are very "special" I'm glad I didn't see the infomercial in the middle of the night, I too may be out $100 bucks.

Thank goodness Joan Crawford is not around because they are WIRE hangers!

I like them with the foam covering things do not slide off and now I'm ready for the new season. Wool sweaters, shawls, hats and not to forget wool socks!

Huggable Hangers on Home Shopping Network


AR said...

I like that receipt! Those are my kind of prices.

Ana Petrova said...

Love your picture AR!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana,

Call me I need know everything about bloging.