Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What's a blog without a dog?

I have been having problems uploading pictures with my preferred browser Safari, it's worked like a charm and now it doesn't. Those pesky gremlins! But after years of using computers I've gotten used to these unexpainable phenomenas! (That's probably so gramatically incorrect, but ....:-)

I downloaded Firefox, and like magic it works, so from now on if I want to post with pictures I'm guessing I better use Firefox. When I get used to a certain browser it is uncomfortable to change, but I must say Firefox transferred all of my bookmarks very elegantly, so maybe this browser might be ok.

Oh the dog, he is cute isn't he? "Mac" a Lhasa Apso & Silky Terrier Mix, but look out he Bites! Hates everybody! His bark is so loud that he could wake up the dead! But it's his sister who rules the house! Pifi his sister is smaller and does not bite and seems like the most gentle animal on the planet, regulates her brother.

She is the alpha dog and would like to be the alpha of the household and I must admit sometimes she is the top dog. She certainly has us wrapped around her little paws. Yes she demands and we jump! Go figure, it's so wrong to spoil them but we do it with great pleasure!

See her sitting in my "knitting" chair? Yes I actually have a "knitting" chair, this is a designer chair my husband rescued from the swap meet. He bought it for $3 dollars! But it needed some tender loving care, so he reupholstered it for me in red leather! Never mind that the 3 dollar chair is now up to $200. I love the chair! It sits very low and has a slight slant towards the back and the backrest hits just at my lower back for that "back" support. Great addition to my knitting tools!


Anonymous said...

oooh! What adorable puppies! And I'm totally envious over your knitting chair... red is my favorite and it's looks so much more comfortable than mine

Ellen Bloom said...

You are sooo funny! Yeah, everyone posts pix of their pets on their blogs. Your puppies are really cute looking. Do they need sweaters or puppy sox?