Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Found just the perfect addition to my new shawl.

The accessories are so very important a button poorly chosen can make a piece "wonderful" or "why did you choose that?" or even "fugly". I'm always on the hunt for good buttons and good closures and last year I found this wonderful "Closure" by Jul Designs.

I've tried it on different shawls a few times but it did not have the right fit, it's kind of heavy and makes a strong statement. I did not want the closure to take over the shawl. I knew I loved it but did not know how or where to use it. So I put it in a very special spot and forgot about it. All this searching I've been doing looking for things I rediscovered the closure and it's perfect for my "Stash Buster Square Shawl".

Finished Ready to Wear.

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Joanne said...

Hi Ana,

I'm terribly behind in blog reading and so happy to visit your blog again. What a beautiful shawl. I'll be back again to get caught up but for now, I have a dyeing class to go to! Keep in touch.

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