Thursday, January 05, 2012

Buy Less and Eat Less.

I swear I spend half of my life looking for things. I can't remember where I put anything, then I get obsessed with finding it. I know sooner or later it will turn up but I want it now!

I started this sweater last winter and then the weather turned hot so I had to put it down. Knitting a large project resting in my lap made of wool can get uncomfortable when the weather is warm. This is a winter project, although we are pushing 80 degrees here in L.A. but it's a winter 80 so not the same. I need a nice warm wool sweater in case it does get cold so I wanted to finish this project.

It was 80% complete so I set out over the holidays to finish this sweater. Showed my husband and he really liked it and somehow took interest in the project. He would ask me how I was progressing almost daily. Besides feeling like "leave me alone" this is my hobby what do you care, I would give him an update. Sort of like I just have the sleeves to complete then I'm done. Or I made a huge mistake and I'm frogging the sleeves and starting over.

Then I ran out of the red yarn, but I know I had extra skeins of this but where did I stash it? I somehow have collected yarn, not just a couple of bins but many. What was I thinking? Will there be a shortage of yarn? Before you laugh too much about this I am a product of my childhood. We did run out of yarn, there was a war and nice wool was really hard to come by. I know the world is different now intellectually but somehow there is a residual and one never forgets.

Now for my New Years resolution: Buy less and Eat Less in 2012


Ellen Bloom said...

Impressive yarn collection!!! The winter sweater is coming along and looking great!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. But, for whatever it's worth, I second the good intentions!.
Sharon T.