Friday, August 13, 2010

Yesterday it was Flashlight Day.

What in the world is Flashlight Day? I've written about this before right here, and the story goes on. It was my Birthday Yesterday and my son delivered! I got the best flashlight ever!

It has a dimmer and it's feet are magnetic and it has wrapping legs! I got lots of nice presents but this one is very special it's from my son who has the best sense of humor and makes me laugh every day!

With its wrappable legs and magnetic feet, the Gorillatorch secures to virtually any surface and allows you to cast a focused beam of intense light virtually anywhere and everywhere. Use it in ways you could never use a traditional flashlight.


Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa! I'm impressed by your new flashlight. It totally rocks!

Angela said...

That is magnificent! Happy Birthday!!!

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday, Ana! I just got home from vacation, and now I'm looking forward to my next vacation, in October. See you then.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Great flashlight. I am going to get one of these for our grill.