Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to my Self-Imposed Schedule

After I posted about the schedule thing I realized that I was not that far behind after all. I should not be so hard on myself, this is something that I really enjoy and is not work but play. Sometimes though this playing around gets to be hard work.

I am organizing and getting ready for a class I'm teaching: "The Magic of Dyeing Wool" I figured that I should be able to show some examples and it would have to be shown step by step. Write up my handouts make my list of stuff to take to the class and then teach 12 to 20 students how I dye wool. I limited the class to 12 students but I know we will have more judging from last time. I have some wonderful friends who will be helping out because this is a very hands on exercise.

We will be using Food Coloring that I get at Smart & Final and is readily available at most food markets. There are no special tools or containers just stuff we all have around the kitchen and it's not toxic. This is the first project I made from the yarn I dyed pictured above.

These are little yarn cozies or anything cozy. Little bags or bowls that I love to make. Some are knitted and some are crocheted. BTW those two in the front are made from fiber I dyed and spun.

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