Monday, August 23, 2010

My new LOVE from an old LOVE

My DH (dear husband) surprised me on my birthday and wanted to take me for a drive. I thought ok we have not been for a "long" Sunday drive for a long time it will be fun. With Lucy and my knitting bag in tow off we went. My husband driving some old winding roads headed north some roads that he used to ride his motorcycle many years ago.

He is driving my SUV and the roads are winding around rolling hills the weather is perfect we have great music on and ...... life is good. He is driving with all the windows down making motorcycle engine noises and taking the corners as if he was driving a sports car. I smiled it was very cute. Lucy loved sticking her nose in the wind and our hair was blowing in the wind.

After about an hour of this I asked where were we going? I see we are approaching Ojai then the fog of the beach and Santa Barbara but he keeps going. I'm getting a bit hungry now, hang on he says we are almost there. Where? Where are you going?

Oh the Anderson Pea Soup place, we have not been there for many years and I remember having delicious pea soup there. It's kind of far for lunch from Los Angeles but great it was a fun drive. The pea soup is not quite what I remembered the place is exactly the same as I first saw it several decades ago. It was kind of like a time warp, same since the 60's and some of the waitresses looked like they were there since the 60's. The soup was salty and thin and not at all what I had in my memory. Oh well I was hungry and they had crackers.

Then my husband asked me to see how far Solvang was from there, I immediately took a look on my iPhone only 4 minutes from here. Let's go to Solvang. My heart kind of skipped because you know what's up in Solvang? Village Spinning & Weaving

My husband bought me an Ashford Joy spinning wheel. I am now officially a "spinner".


Joanne said... nice. Your hubby is a keeper!!

Love the picture of Lucy in wind by the water.

Work on Dennis' sweater coming along nicely. :-)

Looking forward to seeing what pretty yarn you'll be making.

Beth McDermott Oliver said...

What a wonderful, exciting birthday. Your husband really thought this through - lucky you.

Sorry about the pea soup. I remember it as being thick and delicious.

Natalie said...

What a superduper hubby! So sweet.

When are we getting together to spin?! I have a Lendrum DT from Village Spinning and Weaving.

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes Ana! I love the Central Coast, and Solvang is always a favorite!

Christine G.

ChelleC said...

Oh that sounds like a lovely day! Very happy birthday wishes to you.

I bet you'll love your Joy and it sounds like Pocket Wheel will be yours in several months.

I have a little Merlin Tree Roadbug and I adore it's portability.

ChelleC said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

The drive up there looks so scenic and romantic.