Saturday, August 07, 2010

Out of the closet.

My friend Andy "The Dodger Fan" drove her new car and we were off to Dodger Stadium.

I have been knitting most of my life however I only discovered the "knitting community" about 5 years ago. When I first met Kathy Silverton at her charity store Stitches from the Heart she asked me where I knit? What do you mean? Which chair or what room I sit in? I thought what a strange question. When I told her that I knit at home and most of the time alone she called me a "Closet Knitter".

I had no idea that there was such things as "stich n bitch", Stitches West, Stitches East, fiber festivals, knitting guilds etc..... I could go on and on. And what a wonderful community it is, knitters are fun! I now belong to two knitting guilds and about to join the spinning guild, not to forget the machine knitters and various Stitch n Bitch groups. Then there are the knitting trips, the SeaSock Knitting Cruise, the Sock Summit, the Sock Camp and the retreats .... Oh my calendar is full.

Last night I attended our Stitch n Pitch, which is sort of like a Stitch n Bitch but at the Dodger Stadium watching a baseball game and knitting. What fun! We bought our tickets at our LYS, (Local Yarn Store) Wildfiber..... oh yes there is special language that goes with knitters they love to abbreviate and share this secret language of the knitting world. And not to forget "Closet Knitter".

I'm out of the closet now! And having a wonderful time hanging out with knitters.

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