Thursday, August 06, 2009

Meeting a legend

Meeting Barbara Walker has been the highlight of coming to Sock Summit. The class was great she is teaching "mosaic knitting". She was also selling some of her hand knit socks!

Yes I'm actually wearing a pair of socks hand knit by the Julia Childs of Knitters: Barbara Walker.

Ps. She is staying at the same hotel and she is right across the hall from our room. She is a knitting rock star at this event!

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Ellen Bloom said...

Ooooo...Excellent photos! thanks! makes me feel like I met Barbara Walker too!

We'll miss you at Fairview this Saturday. Can't wait to hear all about Sock Summit upon your return!

Sally said...

I can not believe that she was selling her socks! LUCKY! I would have loved a pair. SS09 was amazing. I was telling my DH if I could sign up for SS10 right now, I would. It was so much fun!!