Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ooooh I want more Bugga....

I call this project "Paprika" for obvious reasons.

No wonder this yarn was so sought after it is beautiful to knit with. I love the way it feels between my fingers. There are no knots when winding it and the yarn feels so soft to the touch the colors are wonderful, oh yes I want more Bugga.

I was lucky enough to be able to grab 4 skeins of the same color. I think I traded with Kari for the last skein. I loved this color and I had envisioned a wonderful top down garter stitch sweater and knew I needed some yardage to accomplish this. I know this is sock yarn but it seems like a shame to wear this wonderful fiber on my feet. A sweater is more like it. I found a picture somewhere and I can not remember where but here I am rushing to the Bugga booth to get one more skein of red. I laughed at myself when I saw this picture because you can just see the obsession in my body language.

The pattern I'm using is a simple top down "Gypsy knitting" with 4 anchor stitches. Inspired by Barbara Walker's book "Knitting from the Top Down" one of my favorite books in my knitting library. I was thrilled to meet Barbara and getting a chance to talk to her about knitting and chit chatting in general. She is amazing and to say the least a very interesting person.

When Barbara signed my book at the Sock Summit in Portland she told me that she only knits sweaters from the top down. It is the only logical way to knit, so you can try on your creation and see what you are doing. I so agree! When knitting a sweater in pieces one has to finish the whole project practically before you can try it on. For visual knitters this is tough maybe if you are a literal knitter and follow a pattern exactly as it is written this may not matter so much. I've always been a visual knitter and I have a tendency of using patterns as a guide as opposed to following them exactly as written. When I was knitting the socks for the Sock Museum that was the hardest part to follow the pattern exactly as it was written.

Here I am posing with Barbara Walker during the class she was teaching "mosaic knitting" as you see her beautiful sweater knitted with metallic yarn in the mosaic style and she had a purse to match. Don't tell anybody but I love metallic yarn too, it just sparkles and shines, I love things that sparkle I'm easy to please just give something that sparkles and I'm happy.

BTW I am wearing my wool socks this morning and a little wool shawl because it's cold! Note to self knit more socks the winter is coming. Yes we have a winter here in Southern California! Maybe not snow so much but it does get chilly or maybe I'm just a wuss.


leah said...

I love that color! Good job snagging enough for a sweater. I look forward to seeinng how it turns out!

KnittingKel said...

The color is beautiful! I'm really enjoying reading about the fun you had at the sock summit! And now I want some Bugga!