Friday, June 12, 2009

Sideways Sox Supreme

For some reason my newest "kick" is to knit sideways socks. The traditional way of knitting socks is not flat but a tube, when knitting socks flat from side to side there is some grafting involved. You need to join the two sides and it's done with the Kitchener stitch. I happen to love to do the Kitchener stitch I know lots of knitters who will do anything to avoid it but not me. I enjoy seeing the "join" it's sort of magical. 

Like in the April Fools Sock there was grafting done all the way down the body of the sock

I think it's kind of cool the way the Kitchener stitch just looks exactly like a stitch and makes it look like you've knitted it in the round.

The Sideways Sox Supreme is from this Socks-Socks-Socks book. A very nice book well photographed by Alexis Xenakis of Knitting Universe I met him up at Stitches West, a very nice man and talented. I like this book so far, this is the first pattern I'm knitting and so far so good.

The chart, but they also have the pattern written out in the back of the book, which I like because I have problems seeing the small print of the chart. And to make a larger print of the chart is kind of challenging. I need one of those magnifying rulers to see the chart, the right tool is always helpful in a project.

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