Monday, June 01, 2009

I feel like Mrs. Winchester

I decided to "update" the little apartment "mother-in-law" unit we have above 2 car garages on our property. I just wanted to update the bathroom maybe paint a little etc. Well it's been a can of worms. We had to "plumb" and I figured I mind as well put in copper pipes then the bathtub was old so build a shower ...... then the kitchen .... and we were off..... I now feel like Mrs. Winchester 

Running to Home Depot for a little more paint, for the new heater and endless details but we are almost there. A few more windows a little more paint.... did I say almost there? Maybe I spoke too soon .... this is the problem with starting any construction no sooner one area of the house is done I realize the other part of the house needs a little something too. I have been letting workers in and listening to hammering and saw noises for months now.

I have to remember any construction is going to take 3 times longer than you think and are promised and cost much more than expected. The details are endless....... but the little apartment is turning out really nice I guess it's al worth it.

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