Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm doing something wrong...

I'm not sure where I started weering off course but the numbers do not add up. The pattern is "intermediate"? I must be a beginner knitter! Ok so I'm better at making up my own pattern than following somebody else's, especially charts. Maybe it's my new glasses.... these tiny little squares and symbols are really hard to see. I know I could enlarge the chart but that means I would have to go to Kinko's and have them do it my copy machine is not working right now. The yarn I'm using is Koigu and the colors are really nice and I thought I was making such good progress! I guess not, back to the spot where I think I went wrong. "Frogging time" the stitches are off the needles!

Now for a bit of "venting" about my new glasses. When I was younger and had perfect vision I used to think that wearing glasses was so cool. I was looking at them more as a fashion statement than something that one needed to see with. It never dawned on me that if you wear glasses you can't see without them. I know I was young and did not understand these things.

I remember I went to the optometrist with a friend of mine and had glasses with clear glass made so I could wear glasses when I felt like it. Yes FELT like it is the key word here, I could see perfectly without them so I could just wear them when my outfit or hairdo or occasion called for glasses. I was very foolish, I now know the truth about glasses and not being able to see without them. Mother nature's cruel joke: getting old.

Markus T

I have not changed my prescription for a number of years now and thought that I should maybe have an eye exam and get the "proper" prescription instead of my version of what it should be. Yes I asked my friend Cliff what each number meant on the prescription and modified them to my liking and so far it worked. I thought that the doctor could magically write a new prescription and I would magically see better. Just get new glasses (I love that part) and off I go.

Not so fast! When one gets a new prescription you never know exactly how they will turn out. But in order to know this you have to spend the money to have new glasses made so you can try them out. This can be an expensive proposition, what if the prescription is not right? You have spend hundreds of dollars on the glasses and the lens is not right? Who is making the mistake? The doctor? The optician? Now I have to make another appointment with the doctor and see what is wrong unless I just guess and have my optician order the prescription I think should be.
I have a pair of glasses that I bought about 20 years ago at a garage sale. They are strong and magnify things really well. I've used them when I really wanted to work on detailed things. But they are single vision and real glass and not so attractive but I can see with them. I am wearing them right now and I can see the screen perfectly. I don't think this is rocket science I think I will just have the same magnification put in my bi-focal lenses that I get.

The two pictures above are my new frames I'm getting. As soon as I can resolve this prescription problem I will show you how they look.

I am also lusting after these frames by Theo

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