Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Arriving at the park

Arriving at Clover Park for the Knit in Public Day, my knitting bag and my dog in tow. The park was lively full of people having a grand time. The weather was nice the grass was soft but Lucy would have none of it! She was too comfy in the knitting bag to come out.

Lot's of pictures on Ellen's blog, take a look. Ellen is a wonderful blogger and documented the events perfectly. First we were at the Original Farmer's Market then at Clover Park in Santa Monica. Photo's by Ellen.

"Mommy please let me just sit here in the knitting bag, I LOVE yarn"


Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, it was a fun day! I wish we could sit and knit in the park EVERY day!

Ana Petrova said...

I wish too! Even with Lucy in the bag!