Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gypsy Knitting

I call it 7/11 Gypsy Sweater. Why 7/11? Because some of the stripes are 7 rows and some are 11 rows. Why Gypsy? It's my affectionate way I call colorful, festive "make up your own pattern" sort of knitting. I discovered Kauni yarn at Madrona. The Colors! I loved the vibrant vivid hues of EQ "scratchy wool".  Similar to New England Shetland wool that Vivian Hoxbro and Hanne Falkenberg like to work with and design for. Most knitters I know love the colors but do not like the scratchy wool, I like it. It feels so familiar to me and the wool holds it's shape and wears and launders well. Perhaps it's my European background it kind of feels like my childhood sweaters and yarn I was used to. 

When the yarn is too soft the garment kind of feels "jiggly". It does not feel like it has body to it and it seems like it's going to stretch out and not behave properly. With the exception of Cashmere, I'm not sure why I have this perception but I do. The inspiration for this sweater came from Vivian's "Lolli" I saw this sweater in person and it looked really nice. I wanted one. This picture does not look as good as the one I saw but the design is good, well except for the collar I think I need to modify the collar a bit..... and the drop shoulders..... I have to modify that ... the length I will have to make it a bit shorter...... other than that ..... I guess I'm redesigning the whole thing.
I thought the Kauni EQ would lend itself really nicely to this, and I especially like the button opening to the side. I could not wait to start knitting. The pattern? Well I'm making it up as I go, I call this my "Gypsy Knitting" style. Top down provisional cast on 88 sts place my markers and go.... knit.... knit .... knit.... The colors surprise me the rows are sort of counted for the stripes but not all are perfect some are 7 rows and some are 11 rows. 

I look forward to sharing this with my next "Top Down Gypsy Knitting" no pattern needed class I'm teaching at Amano Yarn Center.

ps. I love to knit and listen to a book on my new iPhone, and the book I've been listening to while knitting the 7/11 Gypsy Sweater is "the English American" by Alison Larkin. What a charming "read/listen". Ms. Larkin reads the book herself and she is a wonderful actress and can sing too! I give it  ★★★★ four stars. I liked it and was sad when it ended. The sweater is not finished so I have to search around for a new book....


Marcela said...

Hi Ana,

I love your sweater. The pictures are nice, but I saw it in person and it's beautiful. It was good to meet you on Saturday at the Fairview Library.


Ana Petrova said...

Marcela, thank you for commenting! It was very nice to meet you too. I look forward to seeing you again.

Take care,