Sunday, March 15, 2009

So I now snore SHE says!

What of it? You may snore too when you reach the ripe old age of 98. Yup in human years I'm going on 98 years old. I'm not sure if what they say that each dog year is equal to 7 human years but if that is correct, I am 97 and in August I will be 98. Actually 14 in calendar years but no matter how you slice it I am a senior dog now. I like to rest up and sleep a lot and sometimes I may snore a little. SHE has been complaining.

Can you imagine how inconsiderate SHE is? I'd like to see how loud SHE will be snoring when SHE reaches my age? I am a bit slower now too, what's the hurry, I know what's happening and if I don't know about it I simply don't care. So life is pretty good sometimes when I first wake up I kind of limp a little bit and am a little stiff but usually I can walk it out. The best part of that is that SHE starts feeling sorry for me and treats me with some good chewy or a special massage. At last SHE kind of treats me like I've been training her to do.

The training has been tough, SHE is an "old dog" and you know what they say about old dogs, you can't teach them new tricks. Now let me tell you about this little "miss full of energy" puppy they adopted to cheer me up. I was so content at last that I had the house all to myself after Makenna my brother died and I was enjoying the peace and quiet and slept a lot. SHE mistook this for depression, SHE thought that I was depressed and mourning my brothers death! So somehow in her twisted mind SHE decided to get this mutt to cheer me up. I'm not sure what breed she is but I think part Tazmanian Devil.

The amount of energy this little mutt has is enough have you whirl around like a whorley gig. I think she does speed when nobody is looking. I'm not sure where she gets it but I'm convinced that no normal dog can have this much energy. Did I tell you she is crazy too? Like a wild animal runs around here bouncing off the walls. I'm tired sometimes just watching her do all this, then she runs out of energy and she is down. When she is resting there is nothing that can wake her or get her to move. It's either petal to the metal or shut down. I don't get it.

Well SHE is giving me the evil eye and I must go, she wants the computer so SHE can shop for Apps for her new fancy shmancy iPhone. I'm not sure whatever Apps are but SHE is really into this one. You see SHE always has something that is so annoying to all of us and most of all me. 

Thank you for listening as always
The Bitch

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