Saturday, March 14, 2009

I LOVE my iPhone!

At&t or not, phone function good or bad, battery not lasting as long as some other phones.... I don't care. The other functions of this phone way outweigh the any of negatives in my opinion. And the Apps! One of my very favorite app is the "Stitch Minder".

Wow! How did I ever manage without this? How was I able to count rows and increases and all those stitches that need to be counted before? Well yes I used to use a piece of scrap paper and pencil and just mark or write down the count, then I have one of those clicking stitch counters, oh yes not to forget the kind that fits over the needle. But eventually I would misplace the paper the clicking thing and those little tiny thingies that slip over the needle well who could ever keep track of those tiny things?

But now I have my iPhone with the StitchMinder installed. I always have my iPhone I carry it with me at all times much like a Panda bear who carries it's tiny young in her paws. The movie "The Gods Must be Crazy" comes to mind, if you've seen this great movie about a Coca Cola bottle that is tossed out from an airplane in Africa. It lands in this primitive village and they suddenly fall in love with the glass bottle. Everybody wants to use it, they find so many uses for the bottle they just don't know how they ever did without the bottle. I've embeded a clip from Youtube, just because this little movie was so wonderful and one of my all time favorites. But I digress.

Did I mention the KnitGauge? This cleaver little app measures the gauge! You just move those little pins to the spot and voila it shows your gauge! Oh yes there are many many apps I could talk about but I know how boring it was for me before I had an iPhone so I won't bore you any further.

I love this movie:


Anonymous said...

OK, you might be a little obsessive about the new phone - if you don't watch it - you will be like someone else we know!!


Ellen Bloom said...

I'm starting to get more and more jealous!

Ana Petrova said...

I do think I've stepped over the line with this one. But it's soooo much fun!