Saturday, February 28, 2009

A weather report

It seems that I am obsessed with giving weather reports. I got a new telephone an iPhone (oh yes and iPhone!) I love my new iPhone! Each time I've come across "iPhoneites" especially knitter "iPhoneites" they have gushed and giggled and compared their "apps" and shared all the knitting related and totally unrelated to knitting "aps" and I had iPhone envy. 

First I must confess that I am phone challenged. I do not know when this started happening to me but I am suspect that it was one of those gradual afflictions but I hope this is as bad as it's going to get. The good old days when "MaBell" was in charge I would go to THE telephone store, sort of like the DMV or DWP and get a telephone number. Then THE telephone guy would come out and install a plug and I plugged in my telephone and that was the spot I had to go to if I wanted to talk on the telephone.

There was no answering machines if I was lucky enough I would hire and answering service where a real human being would answer my phone when I was not at home. Then I could call the answering service and they would either say no calls for you or here are your messages. Depending how popular or busy I was at the time. The connection was crystal clear no fuss no muss no choices. Today I have my cell phones my cordless phones my digital cable telephone not to talk about how many phone numbers my family has.... then the dropped calls both at home on the "land line" which is not so land because it's with TimeWarner cable and wireless phones. Half the time I lose the person I'm trying to talk to the other half the time the connection is "fuzzy". But this is the way it goes for me and I know I have to get used to it because I do not see this changing anytime soon.

What does all this have to do with my weather report? Well I'm being a recluse and spending time at the house loading up my iPhone with the cool apps and learning how to use it sitting at my desk freezing. I have wool socks on a turtle neck shirt and a wool sweater over that. I took a look at my weather icon that I now have for my iPhone and according to it the temperature outside is 82 degrees. My son walks in and takes a look at me as I'm "freezing" at my desk and asks if I'm sick? Mom do you realize it's hot outside? No I don't realize it's hot outside because I'm inside and I can not go outside right now because I must add another app to my iPhone.

I don't want to get up and open windows and let the warm air in because I'm busy reading about my new iPhone and typing things and sending messages and making phone calls and checking and editing my contacts right now. No manual to read, this phone loaded with bells and whistles is on a "need to know" system, the information of how to's are sort of like a scavenger hunt. Which button turns the darn thing off is the first challenge then how to install this and that, how to "sync" your phone numbers etc. it's all like somebody hands you this little computer and no manuals to it and you go ahead and try and figure it out.

 You see I live in an older Spanish style house and it cools off in the cold night and then holds the temperature. The walls are thick and when it heats up in the summer it's like an oven and in the winter it holds the cold. 

Well thank you for letting me vent about my freezing toes and my new iPhone.

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