Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comment envy....

I wrote all this on Monday and was planning to post it all but somehow I got sidetracked and here it is Thursday and I am just now getting back to posting. Tonight I start a 3 week session teaching "Gypsy Knitting", Classes at Amano Yarn Center to teach how to knit without a pattern, knitted from the top down. This has been a popular class and I look forward to teaching it again.

I have turned over a new leaf.
I am changing my ways. There are a number of blogs that I visit regularly, well sort of regularly, and follow yet I have seldom left comments. When I read something interesting about a blog friend I smile and keep all my comments to myself. Yet when my visitors do not comment on my pages I complain. My immediate thought goes to nobody really likes what I write except maybe be the few friends who regularly comment (thank you, you know who you are).

My traffic meter tells me there are visitors and yet I think all those people who come and look just accidentally land on my blog. So I have decided that others may feel the same way and if I visit a blog I will make every effort to leave a comment. That is my new resolution. You see I would love to hear back from my blog visitors I look at some blogs and they have comments I mean lots of comments and I'm having a "comment envy" moment.

Just in case you only look at pictures here are some pictures from the weekend. I know it does not have much to do with knitting but it's part of my life so I thought I would share.

Woodley Park


Ellen Bloom said...

Waaay coooool cars, Ana!

Do we win a prize if we comment often?

Good luck with the Gypsy Knit classes at A Mano!

Ana Petrova said...

Yes! I'll be bringing your prize next time we have lunch. Clearly you are the WINNER! Dear Friend.

Mrs Knitaddict said...

A pleassure to visit your Blog, Ana!
Very interesting all the subjects you write about it, specially about knitting.Beautiful work!
My best regards,

The Girl in the Cafe said...

I totally understand comment envy.