Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The iCord Bind off?

Some nice demonstrations on YouTube. The web is just wonderful for knitters, we have a huge community and may I say generous "I want to share this with you" kind of knitters. I love this when I'm trying to figure out some knitting puzzle I go surfing around and it always inspires me.

The dilemma is this, what bind off should I use for the bottom of my 7/11 Gypsy Sweater? If you can just imagine this steam blocked which will add to the length I think it's time to bind off. I took the stitches off the needles and tried it on so far so good.  I've made the back just a few rows longer because all my sweaters turn out too short in the back. This is one of my pet peeves'  I'm always looking at how sweaters fit people and often I see the back too short. Then I got a "rear view" mirror and realized that MY sweaters are too short in the back too. Now I always add a few rows to compensate for this mystery.

or this one which is not really a bind off but an iCord border:


jessie said...

I tried an i-cord edging on a cardigan (the neck, not the hem) and it looked TERRIBLE. I'm sure you'll have better luck than I did.

Great colors.

Ana Petrova said...

This iCord bind off as all the other types of bind off in knitting has to match the project. It does not work on every project. As always it depends on the project, the yarn the stitch used etc.

If it did not work for you on one project do not dismiss it forever give it a try again. I always tell my students to swatch it try it out before using it on your project. But remember you can always "frog" it. (Rip it back).