Sunday, December 28, 2008

Second Sock Syndrome

I have decided to remove this "problem" from my world. I would buy two sets of needles and knit two socks simultaneously. ie. I would cast on and knit the cuff on sock 1 then stop and cast on and knit the cuff on sock 2 and on like that. I even got so crazy with the whole thing that I tried to match the stripes so each sock matched perfectly.

Why? Why am I doing this? Who cares if my socks match or not? Wow I feel like the pressure is totally off. I now start a sock and not even think about another sock to match. Often I have enough yarn that I make a second sock of the same yarn but totally different style. Like one sock I would start knitting from the top down and the next sock I will knit from the toe up. You know nobody has even noticed that my socks do not match, not one person has said a word.

I feel better now no more second sock syndrome for me.

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