Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From the Bitch

WTF what was SHE thinking? Here I am still in mourning for my dear beloved sweet brother and she brings home this RAT. SHE must be out of her mind! I finally had the house all to myself, all the treats were mine SHE brushed only me SHE only took me for a walk and now this? Here I am a senior citizen in the so called “golden” years of my life when I’m supposed to be relaxed taking it easy and living in peace. But nooooo SHE wants a new baby. I thought I was her baby, she is supposed to love only me.

The RAT sometimes called Lucy is just such a pain, she has so much energy it makes me sick. I just want to chill and the RAT wants to play. I am an old dog I do not play! Get that trough your head ! I do not PLAY I lounge and eat preferably table food not that dog crap that comes out of cans or kibble, yuk. I want some of that home cooked chicken SHE used to make for me. Those days are gone but not forgotten, SHE says that SHE is not going to start that with the new puppy, no more table food and no more cooking special meals for the dogs. What did I ever do to deserve this?

I’m just sitting here waiting for HER to get dressed gather all the accessories the harness, the leashes the plastic bag the paper towel (to pick up the waste so the neighbors do not get pissed off) her hat, the RAT’s sweater, the RAT’s harness the waiting is endless. Then finally when we actually get out to walk, SHE has shortened the walk because the RAT can not walk that far, well pick her up she’s only 7 pounds! I have smells to check I need to know who has been doing their “business” in my territory there are many messages I need to check and SHE says it’s too cold and the puppy is too heavy!

Oh the pain of being a new older sister!

Thanks for letting me vent,
the Bitch

Hi this is Lucy, i love to watch tv and my mommie lets me watch little movies this is one of my favorites. i thoguht i would share it with you

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