Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm full of "puppy" love.

There is nothing like having a new puppy. Lucy has been just wonderful! Each day I love her more. Funny how a little creature like this can change my morning routine actually my whole entire schedule is shush out the window.

But it's the holidays, I have a schedule! Presents to buy & wrap, festive activities, decorating the house etc. Well I'm lucky if I can get the big pieces off the floor. Lucy is not neat, she loves to tear paper, chew things and not to forget the occasional "accident" in the house. This is a full time job, but I love doing it, the new puppy snuggling up to you and making puppy noises cooing and even smelling like a new puppy is all wonderful.

They say if babies were not so cute we would not have them because they are a lot of work. Here are some puppy pictures I want to share.

I was looking all over the house for the puppy. She suddenly disappeared. I was sorting yarn, of course and put this large bag of yarn to the side when I left the room suddenly I don't see the puppy. I'm keeping a close eye on her because the house is not 100% puppy proofed and there is the "house training" which is still in progress. I'm yelling "Lucy, come!" Nothing, Lucy where are you? Nothing....

Then I realize that she is perfectly blending in with my yarn, sleeping soundly and peacefully. It was so cute and I quickly grabbed my camera to take a picture finally the flash woke her up for a minute but after she finished her nap perfectly happy snuggled in with some "Fleece Artist" yarn.

Then we went to my Wednesday morning Stitch n Bitch meeting at the "the Westside Vineyard"
I was there knitting for over two hours and this puppy just slept. Totally relaxed and sound asleep.

Then when we were ready to leave my friend Brandi put this silly hat on her, she did not like it but smiled for the camera, well sort of.
Lucy does not like to walk, she much rather be carried, so she takes me for a walk sometimes.

Lucy like her older sister loves the internet, and she has been asking for her own eMail. Next she'll want her own phone. She loves to watch YouTube puppy movies.


Yarnartist said...

Awww! Lucy has got to be one of the cutest puppies ever! That photo of her nose in the bag is just too adorable.

Happy Holidays to you and your entire family, Ana!

Ellen Bloom said...

Lucy is one smart puppy. She knows just which yarn is the fanciest and she noses right up to it and claims it!

Merry Christmas!