Friday, November 21, 2008

One of the techniques I learned from Cat

One of the techniques I learned in Cat Bordhi's class was the iCord bind off. Wow what a beautiful edge it gives. It's in her book, she is so inventive! What an imagination she has! I know she did not invent this technique but the way she uses it is very inventive.

A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting
by Cat Bordhi

When you get to the end of your finished project and you are ready to bind off, cast on 3 more stitches to the left needle.

Knit 2, k2tog and put the last 3 sts. back on the needle and repeat all the way across.

They call it i-Cord because any "idiot" can do it. Well if somebody shows you how that is, like everything once you know how it's so easy.

Thanks Cat.

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