Thursday, November 27, 2008

Making Friends with the Moebius

It's a lot of fun to knit a "moebius" at least Cat Bordhi's version of it. Do not mistake this moebius with just twisting your knit in the round mistake. Cat's way to do a moebius is different, well it kind of grows from the center. BTW I often misspell this word mobious, but the correct way is moebius. It's named after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius. I just wonder what the plural is maybe mobieii?

At first I did not quite know what to do with this fun sort of piece of moebius knit and suddenly I have a hundred ideas. Currently I've added it as a collar to my top down knit. Wow! Now I'm making one for my dog the little dip in the moebius where it pinches is the perfect spot for her id tag to hang. She is getting older now and needs more sweaters nice wool ones to keep her warm.

Cat made a bed for her kitty cat, see how the "dip" adds to the felted bed. Cute kitty, but I have a dog and she won't sleep in a bed like that she would rather cuddle up in a nice hand knit sweater I may have left laying on the couch. But I digress....

I know the directions call for a circular needle at least 47" long but I felt that was too big for my little dog's neck so I experimented and modified a 30" circular bamboo needle and it worked!

The cast on is similar to a provisional cast on except you are using your needle's cable for the bottom part. Well Cat will explain it better in her video or her book "The Treasury of Magical Knitting":

Here is her cast on method the video Cat produced is to help cast on for a moebius. Experiment give it a try.

Happy Knitting,

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