Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Turkey time!

Getting ready for the holidays. This is one of my favorite cook books, the pictures and the historical references to foods of Hungary is really great. I need to freshen up my collection of recipes of my usual holiday dishes. I think my family is ready for a change, often I get into a sort of rut and rotate maybe 10 or so recipes, maybe I'll watch the food channel too that's always fun to see new ideas in food.

On Ravelry there is a Hungarian discussion group and they have been bringing up different Hungarian foods, it really got me in the mood for cooking some Hungarian dishes for the upcoming holidays. We plan to deep fry our turkey, we've been doing this for several years now and it's delicious and best of all my husband does the whole thing. He has perfected (I hope) the method that works best and it truly is a very tasty way to cook the "bird". We usually cook several because we share, it's a lot of work for just our family. We sometimes cook our neighbor's turkey and extra ones. What can I say there is a lot of Turkey cooking going on this time of year at my house. There are a couple or organizations I belong to and we take turkey and food to feed people in need. We are blessed to have this abundance of food so we share.

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Ellen Bloom said...

You are so sweet to cook several turkeys!!! Sounds faboo. Please take lots of photos of your Hungarian specialty dishes!

Happy T-Giving, my friend.