Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Yarn and another UFO

I got new yarn! Yippie!

My good friend Ellen and I met up at a yarn sale last Friday and wow, I got new yarn!

I heard about this "garage sale" over on Palms which is fairly close to my house but I was trying so hard not to buy more yarn because my stash runneth over. But Ellen "twisted" my arm, it wasn't that hard to convince me. I'm thrilled with my new purchase and it was wonderful to see Ellen ....... and she had a present for me ........ more yarn!

What could be better? I came home and immediately dropped my Ouchi project which is kind of looking like a sack and started a new sweater. Another UFO in the unfinished pile, I'll just let it rest and maybe it will get better with time.

100% Alpalca and it's light as a feather and feels like a cloud!

After the first wearing it started stretching which I totally planed so here it is on the dummy after the "strectch".

Thank you Ellen. I love the new yarn!

I know a "swatch" is supposed to have more rows knitted but for me this is enough. I can tell how many stitches to start with. I'm knitting the same exact sweater but I think this one will have longer sleeves. Top down on large needles ...... and increase with yarn overs to give it a lacey look at the raglan sleeve join.

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Ellen Bloom said...

You are more than welcome for the purple mohair, Ana Dear! I can't wait to see what you whip-up with it!