Monday, November 19, 2007


I got new yarn, and I don't know about you but when I get new yarn I can hardly wait to get going and try and make something. I suppose I'm doing this all backwards, I should have a project in mind then go out and find suitable yarn. I got this on sale and maybe it was on sale for good reason..... it is not as wonderful as it seemed to be...... but I bought it because the colors were fun and Brandi at Stitches from the Heart gave me a good deal on the bag of yarn.

Just like my mother used to buy the buttons first and then design to suit them. Her theory was that it was so difficult to find good buttons and much easier to find material to suit the buttons. When I was growing up all of my clothing was custom made, tailored. Simply because ready made clothing was just not available.

The yarn is Noro, "Knitting Fever"

Description Ouchou 70% silk 15% wool and 15% nylon....

I loved the last "top down" sweater and the "Queen Ann's Lace" edging I decided to do it again.
Cast on 60 sts. place my markers and the new project is launched.

This yarn is not smooth there are a lot of twigs reminiscent to the recycled yarn from Nepal. Lots of little knots tied together which I hate I usually want the knots placed in a not so visible spot. The more I look at this yarn the more I think that this is the same recycled silk and not new silk. The last project I made out of the Sari recycled silk stuff did not hold up well. I'm hoping this does not happen to this sweater.

Ouch my fingers hurt, this is not a comfortable knit, it hurts my fingers no wonder they named it ouchou.

I had such a good time listening to "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon while finishing the last project I decided to continue the saga. I downloaded "Dragonfly in Amber" which is the next book in the series, from Audible and started out with lots of energy and I was a happy camper/knitter.

Outlander was 32 hours of listening and the narrator is a great reader with a pleasant voice and great acting and the story was interesting enough. After a while it got a bit tedious in my opinion a bit of editing could have been helpful but it was interesting enough that I gave it 3 stars in my rating system 5 stars being up there with the I loved it category.

So I figured ok the same story continued would be ok. Dragonfly in Amber is 38 hours of listening...... same reader, nice voice but....... this one too gets a bit tedious. I especially enjoyed the beginning the first 10 hours or so but now it's starting to repeat and I'm starting to visualize the hero as a Fabio romance novel gone Scottish red hair big muscle hunk. But the Fabio part that is starting to get on my nerves......

The sweater too is starting to get tedious the book is the same over and over again and the knit is round and round hurts my fingers never ends......... my goodness this Diana Gabaldon is really obsessed with this subject, I can't imagine how she could write this stuff. The more I listen the more I think it's one of those books referred to as a "romance" with Fabio on the cover with flowing long hair in period costume holding a voluptuous woman with lots of sex and sword fighting.

Maybe I need to give both the project and the book a rest. I do have more yarn and other projects to finish and yes lots of preparation and cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday.


Yarnartist said...

Well, ditto on the yarn and ditto on the book and double ditto on Fabio. But when I am knitting, I just need to listen to Something...

Ana Petrova said...

Me too the knit seems to go so much faster if I'm listening to something. I guess back to Scotland and the red hair of Jamieo.

Ellen Bloom said...

That Brandi is such an enabler. Even though the Noro is knotty, the colors are beautiful. Keep on working....I'm sure the end result will be elegant.

Have you been over to Azalia's sale yet? It's the whole month of November...10225 Palms Blvd., near Motor Ave. Pretty interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!