Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finished at last!

Now that I'm looking at this picture it really does not do justice to how nice this project turned out. It fits very nicely and feels wonderful. Mercerized cotton has that sheen and the lace weight yarn gave it a wonderful drape.

This Blue Heron cotton yarn was a really smooth knit and a comfortable knit and the size 4 needle fit my hands well. Not all yarn knits comfortably I find and I can not tell until I'm actually knitting with it and spending some time not just a swatch or two. I prefer a smaller needle and lighter weight yarn, it seems to suit my hands best. Larger needles and thicker yarn does not fit my hands as well and I find it tires my hands even though the project finishes much faster. Often other knitters say the exact opposite that small needles hurt their hands.

I added a crochet edge, I just feel like the edge of certain knitted garments do not look finished unless I do a crochet edge. So crochet I did all the way around the bottom the sleeves and this lacy edge in the front.

Overall I am very pleased with this "top down" knit cardigan and I just hope it will hold up after laundering. I've worn it two days in a row and have had lots of compliments at my LYS. Some of my knitting friends have been watching me work on this for the last two months or so, lots of little stitches and not to talk about the frogging it took me a bit longer than I like. Although this was not the only project I've been working on.

My friend Kathy Silverton happened to see me both the days and the second day she remarked that I'm wearing the same sweater to which I answered "I love it so much I'm never wearing anything else." There were several ladies sitting around the big "knitting" table who have heard me say this about almost every garment I've worn that I made. They just smiled and chuckled. There was however a lady I did not know and she looked at me in amazement and that nobody batted and eyelash at this bold statement. I quickly explained to her that I say this about every project. She too gave me a little giggle.


Yarnartist said...

This is beautiful, Ana. I love the crocheted edge!

Ellen Bloom said...

The sweater is gorgeous! Hey! Maybe you should start hangin' out at some other LYS's!!! Just a thought.