Thursday, June 14, 2007

My latest "lace" lunacy....

A couple of months ago I remember making a remark to my roommate on the Sea Sock Cruise that I hated lace! I told her "I don't like the way it looks it's seems silly and it reminds me of old ladies doilies. After all I'm not an old lady and I don't like doilies!"

Kathy just looked at me with why are you carrying on about lace? So ok then I'm not going to force you to knit lace!

Then all of a sudden I started looking at lace things and they somehow did not look like doilies anymore! As we were wondering around in yarn shops during this expedition I was determined not to buy anything new. My stash at home is huge and I am traveling and don't have much room etc.

But this one hank of yarn got me, the colors were beautiful and suddenly I was standing next to the cash register buying more yarn! And look at all those colors now how could I resist!

Here I am wearing my new "mohair" lace yarn to the cocktail party smiling happily with Mary Jane!

When I got home I started looking at more and more lace things bought a book, but those charts!

The one stitch that totally stumped me was Sl2tog-k1-p2sso so I had to abandon the simplest project the "easy" one!

Oh well I'm going to have to consult with an expert for this one, so I improvised and used a crochet stitch my friend Beverly showed me. She calls it a "no brainer" blanket stitch. But I'm not big on making blankets so I made a "lace" shawl... I must confess for me sometimes this no brainer took some brains!

The yarn is Rowan Kid Mohair so far 5 balls and I may need more...I think it needs to be bigger so I'm still working on it but here is the progress.


Ellen Bloom said...

Hah! You're crocheting!?! Love it. The shawl is beautiful. I want to know what crochet stitch you used.

I think I understand Sl 2tog-k1-p2sso. You slip 2 stitches together, as if to purl to the right needle. Then, knit 1. Then you go back to those 2 slipped stitches and pass them over the just knitted stitch. Try it. I think it will work.

Coming back to the WeHo SnB anytime soon? We miss you.

C W said...

Hi Ana!

It's Charlene. I loved reading your blog. Thank you for showing me how to start your lovely shawl. I like the items you've posted in your blog. You'll have to tell me all about your knitting cruise next time I see you. You can e-mail me at See you at Stitches from the Heart!

ChelleC said...

Ana, oh my goodness, your work is lovely as usual - in knitting or crochet!

And Ellen is right, that SL2tog-k1-pass2ss0 is SO darn easy. It is exactly as she described. When the say "pass them over" what they are doing is picking up those two slipped stitches on the right needle and then transferring over OVER the knitted stitch.

You can see a demonstration of a similar technique, SL1-k1-p1sso over on in the "decrease" section. She shows a video clip of how to do it.

I love reading your blog too and found you several months ago because of your freeform projects. I always admire your creativity and your work.

I do Freeform too, though not as often or as off the cuff as you! I also have recently taken a deep love of lace. I finished my first shawl (The Forest Canopy shawl) last month and it was the most fun I've ever had knitting!