Thursday, June 21, 2007

From the Bitch

Oh no she is taking out suitcases again! She was just on a vacation! What? Why don't I get to go on so called vacations? God knows I need the change! It has been totally boring around here. She's busy all day the others just ignore me oh I'm so fed up!

You know the last time she left I did miss HER ! I was lonely all day, I had nobody to argue with! I had nobody to harass! I thought she was gone forever! I worried, I fret, she never called or sent post cards. All I could do was try and reach her telepathically but her telepahtic skills are really lacking. Then she came home at last. I was happy for a couple of days then she was up to the same old.....

While she was gone the house was a mess, HE did not do anything around the house! NOTHING! Did he think that the good fairy was going to come over and clean? No cooking delicious things hardly washing the dishes. HE puts dry food on the floor and says go eat it. Once in a while HE offers us a dry tasteless "cookie". Oy.... it tastes like sawdust. I like the little round ones with the paws on them he just doesn't get it.

Mommy bought a bunch of chews for us so while she was gone HE could give us treats. Well you know what HE did? HE put the chewy basket on the floor and I just could not help myself and I ate them all! I kept thinking that maybe I should not do this but it was as if I was posessed! I ate one chewy after another until the basket was empty!

How could he do this to me? I have been gaining weight and struggling to exercise! Boy do I hate the E word, I would rather just sit around and rest, or sleep. Once in a while I will run to the door and bark and that should be my "cardio" for the day. Sometimes when SHE is around she makes us walk around the block and sometimes she yells hurry up and expects us to run! What is SHE crazy? Run why? But I do miss her when she is not here, besides some of the so called walks were fun.... HE never takes us for a walk...

I hope she does not go on vacation again so soon I don't think I can manage without my trained servant. She is starting to behave I know just how to get under her skin. My job after all is to annoy her as much as I can.


Kathy said...

I'm watching you!

Hope you ar going somewhere fun.

Kathy said...

I'm watching you! Hope you went somewhere fun.