Monday, June 18, 2007

Frogging Fuzzy ain't easy....

For those who do not know the term "Frogging" it is when you rip it apart. Get it? The frog says "rippit" I thought it was silly but fun. And of course if you are "tinking" you are "un-knitting" which is to knit backwards.

I just can not get enough of "fuzzy" yarn. I used to hate fuzzy but now I love fuzzy. The reason I did not like fuzzy before was that it always got in my face. Tickled my nose got in my eyelashes and I found it annoying.

Not anymore! For some reason I am willing to put up with the fuzzy because it is so light weight and so warm. Sort of like really fine down coat, it's light weight and yet very warm. My new mohair/silk shawl is as light as a cloud yet it is so warm and cuddly. So I put up with fuzzy.

Now for the frogging fuzzy part, I am crocheting this new stitch I learned that I can't seem to get enough of lately but I digress. (Ellen Bloom sent me a link of this stitch and a very nice tutorial it is...) So now I'm crocheting this stitch into everything I'm making.

I got this ball of yarn from my friend Sandi and it is fuzzy but only one ball so I started this "diagonal" crochet stitch and decided my dog needs a sweater. The colors and fuzziness were perfect for her. She is not a very good model and kept laying down when I tried to fit her. No cooperation at all. So I over did it made the triangle part a little too big.

Now to frog.... oh my oh my.... a lot harder than I thought, but I'm determined. All those fuzzy little fibers love to stick to each other so frogging is actually taking longer than the knit. I will post my progress..... tune in again.... for the fuzzies.

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Ellen Bloom said...

You're welcome for the diagonal stitch. Now, I'm looking for an online tutorial on the diagonal stitch you showed me on Friday. Of course, I can't quite remember how you did it!!!