Thursday, September 09, 2010

On the needles

I'm becoming quite the connoisseur of fibers (just kidding). When I "show & tell" any project the first question is always what yarn is it? Now that I'm hand spinning yarn the question becomes what fiber? Next will be which sheep? And maybe what was the sheep eating etc. I'm not sure how far spinners take this fiber content thing.

The fiber is "CVM" California Variegated Mutant Sheep's wool and Llama mix. I especially like to say CVM and explain that it's a Mutant Sheep from California.

I bought the roving in Ventura at the Ventura Spinner's Guild Fair and spun a one ply yarn then just started knitting. I think you are supposed to prepare the yarn various ways before you knit it but I got inpatient and just wanted to start a project.

I call it "Ventura Llama" and I'm almost done, I think I like it. So far it's progressing nicely. I want to finish this for my upcoming trip to Friday Harbor.

10 oz of fiber yielded me about 1,600 yards of lace weight yarn. Size U.S. 6 needles. And the pattern is made up by me.

Cast on 9 sts.
Row 1: K2, place marker (orange), k5, place marker (green) k2.
Row 2: Slip the first stitch pw (all rows start with a slipped stitch) kfb (knit front & back), yo, k5, yo, kfb, k1
Row 3 & all odd rows: S1, kfb, knit to marker & slip marker, knit the 5 center sts, slip marker & knit to one stitch before the last stitch & kfb, k1.

Continue in this manner until the piece measures 12" or where it fits you or when you get tired of it. The edging will be up to you add in your favorite or pick my favorite which is what I call "xxx zig zag" stitch.

Here is the youTube video I made:


Tece said...

That was a good video with explanation...thanks, Ana. PS did you see that I sent you a message on Ravelry?

Joanne said...

"California Variegated Mutant Sheep's wool" sounds like something out of a movie! You're doing great with your spinning and designing. I'm glad that you're having so much fun....and success.