Monday, September 20, 2010

One ply but I like it.

The "Ventura Llama" shawl is finished. (well almost maybe I may add a couple of buttons).

This is the first hand spun yarn and project since my spinning obsession started. It is one ply and to some of us this does not really matter but there are some out there the fiber connoisseurs who roll their eyes when I confess to using a one ply yarn right off the bobbin. I did not know there are such rules I just spun and then knit. And here it is all finished.

I added a few beads just to give it some weight so it sits on the shoulders nicely and adds a little bit of sparkle.

I decided that maybe I should educate myself about this plying thing and to my surprise there was Clara Parkes' article one of the first hits on Google. I still continue the "like u very much" Clara Parkes! She writes about spinning and plying yarn. I've written about her before and now that I'm a spinner there is just more interesting factoids she offers her readers. I was interested in finding out more about plying yarn

Knitter's Review article on plying.

I have a lot to learn but as usual I'm plugging along trying to spin in a style that suits my hand and idea of what I want the fiber to look like. I did not know that it's not that desirable to knit with a one ply yarn. I kind of like it. I see in this photo below of the new project I'm knitting, slightly different style. It sort of looks loosey goosey but in person it's very soft and it's starting to bloom.
Which means that it will fuzz up the holes and it's wool so it will be a very warm and cozy scarf. Also started to document the pattern so I will be able to share this one with you as soon as I finish. I'm about half way done.

I've written about Clara on this blog and have met her several times at knitting events. She is just as nice as she sounds in her writings.

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ChelleC said...

Okay I love LOVE your hand dyed and handspun shawl. Your creativity amazes me - you and EllenB are just too talented. I love reading your blog, especially now that you spin. Me too! Chelle