Thursday, September 23, 2010

Design Your Own Shawl

For me it started with "Snow Beast" a white fairly inexpensive pure wool roving. Below is a pictorial of how this project came about. First I got the white roving then I saw this painting by Monet and used it as my inspiration for the colors I wanted to dye it.

I used food coloring, the three primary colors mixed and then spun the yarn on my Pocket Wheel. Knit it up one ply with beads added at the bottom.

Because I've gotten lots of requests about the pattern I used for the "single ply" shawls, I made a YouTube video on the cast on directions. As time permits I will include the bind off and the application of the beads around the edge.

I've been wearing these shawls and they wonderfully comfortable. I know I will get lots of use out of them. The beads weigh it down so it stays around the shoulder. I'm wondering why have I not done this before?

So many projects so little time.

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