Friday, January 15, 2010

Just finished

I love color and texture and most of all function. If I can custom make something that is cleverly useful I am satisfied with the project. I've been using this bag from the minute I bound off the stitches and put the last needle felted detail on the bottom.

This little bag is designed to hold yarn or some sock knitting project to make it portable and pretty. The bottom is crochet & felted in the washing machine. Then stitches are picked up and knit in the round. I finished it off with some needle felting. The iCord is long enough to be able to wear across the shoulders also can be tied shorter to hang on my wrist keeping the yarn handy as I'm knitting.

Love this little bag, I'm making more of these for sure. And yes I added my current favorite stitch the Elongated Zig Zag stitch. It seems to work itself into a lot of my projects. I made a little YouTube video demonstrating it here.

I'm almost finished with my "Goth Socks" see them peeking out? I'll post more about the socks next time.

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