Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Citizen Award

Giving back to the community, I got a "Citizen Award" last night for my volunteer work. Presented by the Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa. They gave us dinner and said some kind words. And I got another pin to wear.

For the knitters out there wondering, I'm wearing my Moebius. I started this when I attended Cat Bordhi’s “Island Retreat” on the beautiful San Juan Island, Washington. We had a wonderful time visiting and learning from Cat. Of course the Moebious is one of Cat’s brilliant cast on techniques and is an easy knit. Once you make a Moebius you will not be able to make only one because it is a Magical Knit and is so much fun, you will knit several if you are anything like I am about knitting. Cat's book "Treasury of Magical Knitting".

I’m a continental Knitter and I like to knit more than purl, the knit stitch just goes faster. To get the ripple effect I simply turn around and knit one way then use a yo to get rid of the hole and knit the other way. Giving the impression that I knit 4 rows and purl 4 rows, in reality it’s all knit.

When I got home I did not quite know how to wear my Moebius or it was just missing something. My friend Leslie came to visit and she had one of these shoulder warmers on and it clicked. Yes this is what my blue Moebious needs to become. Luckily I had some extra yarn and it all came together. There is a pattern by Sivia Harding "Harmonia's Ring Cowl" Of course I did not follow the pattern exactly but "sort of", it works for me.

For those of you who want to see how cast on a Moebius, Cat made a youTube video:

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Angela said...

Congrats, Ana! My moebius is *this close* to being done, but a bunch of other things jumped in front of it. I need to look at my UFOs this week. Yours turned out great!